Saturday, July 28, 2012

LALA - CUTI DAY 4 - 29 May 2012

On the third day, mum made plans for us to go sight seeing. As usual, we will always visit places of interest in Kelantan. This time, mum suggest we go around the coastal area first. So we started our journey in Tok Bali, then off to Kuala Besut for some keropok lekor. Then we headed back to Kota Bharu for our late lunch....

Here are the photos......

Mula mula sampai kat jeti menurunkan ikan di Tok Bali..Melly ni belum apa apa dah tidur...

Everybody was excited to see the boat, the fisherman, a lot of fish & how they transport the fish from the boat to the jetty.

 Then we visit the famous Tok Aman Bali resort.

 Melly & Lala yg sangat excited bila jumpa playground & sand & sea.. Terus tak nak balik. Nak main buai & sand eventhough it was scorching hot... terpaksa pujuk untuk balik.

Then journey diteruskan ke Kuala Besut for a yummy keropok lekor. Tapi tak de satu pun gerai yg jual keropok yang dah di goreng.. Semuanya keropok yang belum di goreng... After buying the keropok lekor, we headed to Kota Bharu via Pantai Malawi.. But we did not stop by the beach cos everybody was tired & sleeping in the car.

It's 4pm and we have not had our lunch yet. Setelah undian di buat, "Secret Recipe" in KB Mall won... So we headed there for our late lunch. Then tapau some nasi ayam for Tok Bah before going home.

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