Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kota Kinabalu - 14-16 July 2012 Part 3

So on the second day, after breakfast at the hotel, we packed our things and check out from the hotel. Our plan is to go around the Kota Kinabalu town, bought some souvenirs, then to Tanjung Aru Beach before boarding our 730pm flight back to KL

 First stop is Pasar Kraftangan or Pasar Filipina. Mum bought some bracelet & brooches 

 Then off to Pasar which sells ikan kering,udang kering,sotong kering & kuih cincin.

 So shopping part is done. Now heading to Waterfront for some sightseeing... We wish we could have more time so that we can visit some of the Island... Maybe next time...

 Then lepak-lepak at Jesselton jetty

 The view of KK from the observation tower

 Then off to the muzium Sabah

 Last, but not least, the Tanjung Aru Beach

 Bye-bye KK, we will visit you again soon!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kota Kinabalu - 14-16 July 2012 Part 2

 Sebelum memulakan perjalanan, kita breakfast dulu kat hotel.

 Selepas itu kita memulakan perjalanan untuk ke Gunung Kinabalu. Macam biasa Daddy lupa bawak GPS dan dia hanya berpandukan map from Googlemap yg version tahun bila ntah... Last-last agak sesat sampai ke Pekan Tuaran and menuju ke Kota Belud. So half way, we had to stop and asked for direction. At last we are heading the correct way.... So on the way tu sempat la jugak tengok the beautiful Mount Kinabalu.

 Stop kat tepi jalan to capture the nice view with the mountain

 The beautiful Pekan Kundasang

 Mum make it a point to find Hospital Ranau since her cousin, Dr Siti Rosmani worked there before. 

 And Lala pulak insisted that we go to Poring Hot Spring. On the way tu, kita singgah di Pekan Ranau and bought KFC for lunch.

 Melly & Baby Erina yg di bawa ke mana-mana

 Kasi chan budak dua orang ni yg dah bawak swimming suit all the way from KL untuk mandi kolam

 Then we stop by pekan Kundasang for petrol. The petrol station mmg klasik. Macam zaman dolu-dolu..

 But when we reached Kinabalu Park, it was raining heavily, we couldn't see a thing.So we just sit in the car and stop only for toilet break. 

Selepas Kinabalu Park we went to Pekan Tamparuli to see the famous Jambatan Tamparuli.

Kemudian kita meneruskan perjalanan ke rumah terbalik on the way from Tamparuli back to Kota Kinabalu. We headed straight to KK and had dinner at the Waterfront. After dinner, terus balik hotel and sambung shopping at the City Mall where our hotel is located... It was such a loooong day but we had sooo much fun.

Kota Kinabalu - 14-16 July 2012 Part 1

Venue: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Date : 14-16 July 2012
Agenda : Family Holiday

We took the AA flight from LCCT to KK... It was a smooth ride and we reached KK on time. Just after we touched down, it started to rain. Luckily Dad has arranged for the rented car to pick us up at the Terminal 2  

 Lala enjoying the inflight meal. She had nasi ayam, mum had nasi lemak, yasmin had roasted chicken & beryani for daddy. All the food were delicious.

 Melly was sleeping when we arrived....

 At the hotel lobby. We checked into Celyn Hotel which was located at the City Mall shopping complex. Dad got a great GROUPON deal and we got 50% off the normal rate for the hotel. We just love staying here as the hotel is attached to a shopping mall. There's Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, Giant , Guardian etc in the mall

 The bed - before

 The bed - after 

 Nice and clean toilet

After freshen up we went to Penampang to visit Mummy's cousin. The girls had fun meeting their second cousins. We had dinner at their house and it was yummy.. Ada fresh and big udang goreng, sup ekor, sayur lemak, ayam goreng,ulam & budu & fruits for desert. Thanks so much to Ayah Li, Cik Ida, Fatini, Soleh, Acik & Hassan....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lala & her friends....

Lala & her kawan 1 Malaysia around our neighbourhood.

 With Lee Kerk Ler

Left-Right: Thana Letchumi,Melly,Lala,Natasha & Lee Kerk Ler

LALA - CUTI - Last day

So on Sunday 3rd of June 2012, we went back to Subang Jaya...jumpa Daddy & listening to  his Tokyo stories... Paling best..dapat souvenir la....Next time kita akan balik kampung lagi & we will visit other places of interest in Kelantan.. So below are the pictures of our beloved kampung.

Depan kedai Ucu

Ada jual macam-macam kat kedai Ucu ni..
Kedai kopi Pok Din which sells the best milo ais in the world!!!

Nenek Umi sibuk telefon sape tu?????Call Nia ke??

Rumah nenek yg saaaangat panjang.....