Friday, December 30, 2011


Everytime we went back to Kelantan, one thing that we must do is to have our haircut. That is because it is soooo cheap compared to KL, it's so quick, sometimes the hairdresser only took abt 10minutes to cut our hair and thirdly, we just love our hairdresser in Kelantan. As usual we went to the one in Tanah Merah called "Winnie hair saloon" I think we have been to this hairdresser for the past 3 years and we are very satisfied with the cut.
So Lala has to have this haircut since she is going to standard one soon.

The process

See... short and clean

SK Seafield Orientation Day for Std One - 30th Dec 2011

Today is Lala's Orientation Day since she is going to Standard One next year ( which is in a few days time).
Mum took half day leave just to be at the school with Lala & getting to know the rules & regulations , the classroom & the teacher.
We were both at the school at 7.55am, just in time for the briefing. After that all the pupils went to the designated classroom. Lala was placed in 1 Rajin and her class teacher is Pn Norlela. She seems to enjoy school
and not afraid to participate in all the activities that was done by the teacher.
Having breakfast before heading to school and her request was macaroni soup.

All ready to go

Posing in front of the school gate.

In the classroom

Dancing with friends, she volunteer to come out to the front by herself. you go girl!

Time to go back... but before that, Ice Milo please...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tadika Manjasari Graduation Day

Lala take part in a few performances. She had soo much fun that night.

Lala & her speech

During her Graduation Day or Tadika Manjasari's Yearly Annual Concert, Lala deliver an opening speech in Bahasa Malaysia. She started memorising the speech a few months before the concert. It goes like this:
Salam Satu Malaysia dan selamat sejahtera tuan tuan dan puan puan yang dihormati. Terlebih dahulu saya Delaila Abdul Razak bagi pihak Tadika Manjasari ingin mengalu-alukan kedatangan para hadirin ke konsert dan graduation tahun yang ke 15. pada malam yg gembira ini saya ingin menjemput semua hadirin untuk menyaksi dan meraikan bersama kami dengan beranika jenis pertunjukan, tarian dan nyanyian yang akan dipersembahkan sebentar lagi. Maaf sekiranya berlaku sebarang kesilapan yg tak diingini. Tepukan gemuruh dari anda semua. Sekian terima kasih

She did it very well... Well done Lala

Raya Puasa at jasin - 2011

Lumut - 26 Nov 2011

Lala's Graduation Day

With her BFF Ameera