Saturday, October 19, 2013

Balik Kg 21-23 sept 2013

Sangat happy bila balik kg. Boleh main dengan sepupu especially acik yg balik dr Sabah sebab Tok Ayah meninggal dunia pada 14 September 2013.

Main pasir kat belakang rumah....

Lala's 8th Birthday Celebration

Lala's birthday falls on Sunday, 29th Sept 2013. On that day Pok Su Yie held baby Myra's cukur jambul ceremony. So mum decided to postpone Lala's Bday celebration the week after. This year Lala decided to have a princess cake. So we ordered from our usual baker's ROZESCUPCAKES simply because their cake is delicious, kids love the deco and they are based near our house in USJ.

So here's the bday cake... 

We celebrated Lala's bday at nenek's new house in Melaka. Mum brought kuah kacang and serunding from KL and we had it with nasi impit.  Nenenk ordered mee goreng and meehoon goreng from restoran Dawood and Yasmin fried some nuggets.

Cake cutting & singing Happy Birthday song

It's a rainbow cake

The guest...

Sangat seronok main kat rumah baru nenek

Since dapur rumah nenek belum boleh di guna kan, we have to use the portable dapur gas to fry the nuggets.

The food

Then the week after we went back to Kelantan to celebrate Hari Raya Haji with Tok Bah, nenek umi & ucu. So mum decided to have another birthday celebration for Lala. This time she chose Oreo Cheesecake from Secret Recipe since now SR is open in our small town Tanah Merah... yeay...lepas ni tak payah la susah2 pergi KB Mall just to buy a cake.

So we had a small makan-makan with cousins aka kanak-kanak kecil on Sunday 13 Oct 2013. Mum cook kuey tiow goreng and nuggets.

Tetamu kecik...enjoying the cake.