Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Story About Kedai Ucu - Part 1

This is a story about Kedai Tok Bah/Kedai Ucu... The year 2013 marks the total make over for Tok Bah's beloved Kedai... After so much persuasion/pujuk rayu from all of us esp Ucu & Nenek Umi, finally Tok Bah agreed to renovate the shop. But during the construction, Tok Bah had to undergo a major operation for his gout. He was bedridden for almost 3 months while  the shop was under renovation, it was a very tough & testing times for all of us. But Alhamdulillah with the support of each other, we manage to pull through.. Tok Bah can walk again & can take care of himself now & Ucu's business is Alhamdulillah... semakin maju...

Inilah gambar Kedai Ucu before the renovation. Now, semua dah jadi sejarah/tinggal kenangan...  It was there since Tok Bah start berniaga about 40 years ago.. Dah berpuluh kali kedai ni di renovate but this time it's a total revamp.. Now dah bertukar jadi minimarket but still has the charm of a Kedai Runcit. Customers can still duk lepak-lepak and berborak dengan Tok Bah, sometimes just datang tanya khabar etc..  Now semua pun seronok nak balik kampung and tolong jaga kedai. Even Lala & Yasmin pun dah boleh jadi cashier.

And this is the new Kedai. It was ready somewhere in June 2013. The construction took almost 6 months.. Fuhh lamanya... But it was all worth it... Everybody was so happy with the new look. Spacious, clean...senang nak cari & susun barang etc...

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