Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trip to Planetarium and Berjaya Times Square

On Saturday 16 July 2011, Lala joined her kindy trip to Planetarium & Cosmos Theme Park at Berjaya Times Square. She was sooo looking forward to the trip and couldn't stop talking about it weeks before the trip. At first she tought the trip was on the 9th of July which was the week we went back to Kelantan for Abg Jie's wedding. Luckily it was the week after.
But the night before the trip, Lala was soo sick and had fever until mum has to bring her to the clinic.
Luckily she recover the next morning and did join the excursion and enjoy it so much with her friend.
Here's Lala getting ready to hop on the bus for the trip.
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